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TLV Partners hosts the TLV CTO Club for an exciting session led by Giora Engel, CEO and Co-Founder at Neosec, recently acquired by Akamai and previous founder of Light Cyber acquired by Palo Alto Networks. 

Join us for an in-depth and intimate conversation discussing two exits in two very different markets. Giora will share his journey in founding and selling both Light Cyber and Neosec and everything he has learned along the way. 

The TLV CTO Club is led by Shimon Tolts, Co-Founder and CEO at Datree and Or Hiltch, Co-Founder and CTO at Skyline (Acquired by JLL Technologies) and is a space to share knowledge and have an open discussion with technical leaders.

This session is open to CTOs and/or technical co-founders. 



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Co-Founder & CEO

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Chief Data and AI Architect

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Co-Founder & CEO

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Acquired by Akamai Technologies